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Duração: 11 dias de 01-02-2018 a 11-02-2018

Idades dos participantes: Dos 18 aos 30 anos

Jovens portugueses: 3

Líderes portugueses: 0

Número total de participantes: 21

Idioma: Inglês

Países participantes: Portugal, Itália, Macedónia, França, Estónia, Eslováquia, Reino Unido

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Resumo: The TC “Training Course - Making Movies Matter” aims to equip youth workers with competencies necessary for using movie-making as a methodology in bringing the common fundamental values of our society closer to hard to reach young people and young people not involved in civic and non-formal education. Based on our previous experiences, we believe that movies can make a difference when working with those youth, and we want to help more organizations and youth workers to be effective at it.

Films are by default thought to be more appealing to young people compared to other media and organizations use them for introducing young people with ideas, concepts and values that do not appear exciting to most of them. However, youth workers often lack the skills needed to produce films that will look genuine and will attract and keep the attention of young people – especially ones that are generally not involved in non-formal education, and thus more difficult to reach. Thus, such films often reach only a limited number of young people who are already involved, and who can be also impacted using other methods.

Travel Information:
Please inform us of your travel plans before booking. If you do not, we cannot guarantee your full reimbursement.
● You are expected to arrive in Newcastle on 1st of February and leave on 11th of February 2018.
● If you are planning to stay longer after the TC or arrive earlier, please inform us BEFORE booking your ticket. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee your reimbursement. Please note any indirect routes taken for personal travel WILL NOT be reimbursed.

We have allocated one session in the timetable where you will be informed about all relevant details regarding travel reimbursement. Please be aware that reimbursements can take up to 3 months depending on the length of time it takes ALL participants to send their original boarding passes and travel documents.

We have received a certain amount of money for travel reimbursement, which depends on the amount of kilometres it will take you to travel from your home to Newcastle upon Tyne. Keep in mind that if the tickets cost more than the allocated amount, we will not be able to cover the difference and it will be your own financial contribution.

Objectivos: 1. Becoming more aware of the political, social and economic changes in Europe, their influence on young people and youth's understanding of the fundamental values of the common European society;
2. Understanding the challenges posed to young people who are hard to reach, and the role of youth work in supporting those youth;
3. Exploring strategies and approaches for reaching young people who are generally not involved in civic and non-formal education and for addressing social issues and values with them;
4. Exploring movies as tools to be used for bringing values closer to young people;
5. Learning about the main elements of the process of making movies that will help produce videos that are interesting and appealing to young people;
6. Learning about the main elements of participatory processes with youth for planning, recording, editing and producing short movies;
7. Exploring the potential for integrating movies in youth projects and youth work activities;
8. Discussing the possibilities for targeting wired population of young people through producing awareness raising videos.

Alojamento: During the whole training course we will stay in a Hostel in Whitley Bay, which is a beautiful town located by the sea. All the rooms have 4/6/8 beds with communal shower facilities.
4 minutes walk from Metro Station!

Descrição: We hope that this project will go far beyond the involved participants. Young people will have the greatest benefit, especially ones who are hard to reach through other approaches of youth work and non-formal education, but whole communities will also benefit from seeing short videos addressing social issues and underlying values - or even participating in processes for producing them.

Material Necessário: a) flip-flops (slippers) and a towel;
b) cosmetics and personal toiletry items (shampoo, soap, etc.);
c) any medications that you will need;
d) UK adapter for your plugs
e) each national group needs to bring at least one good digital camera we can use for recording, if possible DSLR.
f) if possible, everyone should have a laptop.
g) For the intercultural night: we expect from the participants a creative attitude to this issue, it is totally up to you how you will manage this interesting part of the project. It’s supposed to bring some of your traditional food, drinks, or share some your favourite music or traditional dances. You are more than welcome to do it, we would like to get to know your country and culture but we kindly ask you to avoid some kind of propagandistic videos or presentations and also take into consideration that the majority of the participants can already have been shown that.

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