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Título: TC: Beyond the Veil - 2nd part

Duração: 7 dias de 19-03-2018 a 25-03-2018

Idades dos participantes: Dos 18 aos 30 anos

Jovens portugueses: 2

Líderes portugueses: 0

Número total de participantes: 2

Idioma: Inglês

Países participantes: Portugal

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Resumo: Young people nowadays have started to use videos as a way of expressing themselves. They record many different situations of their lives and post them on social networks. Many of those videos have no sense, but video as a tool of expressing is now very popular, so many people watch them. In our communities we can also see increasing number of people who are called „youtubers“ or videobloggers – they are recording videos about themselves talking about dofferent things or just video about themselves playing computer games. Although many of them are in very bad quality, young people must use many skills to do them, first of them is public speaking.

In this project we want to use the popularity of videos and show young people that they can use video also for their future career. Although young people can speak about different aspects of their lives, they are usually not able to see properly what they are good at, what are their skills or attitudes and how to express them when they are finding job. According to current researches, employers nowadays appreciate creativity. And we also have the experience that when we are looking for volunteers for our organization, we like when their self-presentation is doing in a kind of interesting way than just sending us their CV and motivation letter where we cannnot discover anything important about the personality of our applicant.

We want to help young people to show what is hidden „beyond the veil“, so they will be able to choose proper information about themselves and put them into a creative self-presentation.
The main objective of this project is to show young people that they can use videotools as a way of expressing themselves and to find better position in the labour market and to teach youthworkers how to create videos with significant contest that can be used later for their youthwork.

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