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(Severin county)


Título: YE: Civic Engagement – The art of Youth in Actions

Duração: 11 dias de 28-09-2017 a 08-10-2017

Idades dos participantes: Dos 18 aos 24 anos

Jovens portugueses: 6

Líderes portugueses: 1

Número total de participantes: 49

Idioma: Inglês

Países participantes: Portugal, Hungria, Itália, Reino Unido, Eslováquia, Macedónia, Bulgária

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Resumo: "Civic Engagement: The Art of Youth in Action" came as an idea to further develop our previous project" Active Citizens, Volunteers in my Village" which we declare successful in all points of view especially due to the positive feedback from our young participants.
In the previous exchange they declare that the debate with the municipality of Berliste has given them "wings" and their horizon in that which is civic spirit has largely increase but at the same time they explained that only with debate they noticed that they cant solved to much and thus they expressed their desire to learn new creative methods to reach out to the public authorities such as graffiti art, flash mob and forum theatre. Our project comes as an answer to their needs and seeks in helping the young participants become role models in their ngo and in their local communities so that they can "teach" others the creative art form of civic expression.
The project „ Civic Engagement – The art of Youth in Action” will give the opportunity for 8 NGOs with 6+1 participants to meet directly, during 9 days, to discuss and put in practice the importance of civic spirit and active citizenship having as main working methods:
• the art of Graffiti, which will help them express their civic spirit in a creative way. This will also “clean up” the bad name of Graffiti which unfortunately is seen by a big part of society as being vandalism;
• Forum Theatre, which will offer the participants a safe environment to express possible scenarios from our society where youth nowadays can be active in their community and how to motivate the rest of the community to take part in their actions;
• Flash mob, which will raise awareness in the local community regarding civic spirit and its importance in becoming an active citizen.

Objectivos: • to motivate our 48 participants coming from 8 different countries Romania, Italy, Portugal, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, united Kingdom and Slovakia to express their civic spirit in a creative way by using graffiti art, flash mob and forum theatre as working methods;
* to respond to the needs of our 48 participants in using creative art form's in becoming active citizens
• to increase self esteem and self confidence among all our 48 participants through proper feedback and debriefing during and after each workshop sessions;
• to raise awareness in 8 local communities where the partners are working regarding the importance of civic spirit and the way it improves our society and our life style during the project
• to promote the values of non-formal education and the benefits of the Erasmus + programme in all 8 countries participating in the exchange with the help of the final video and the flash mob of our project which will be use in the dissemination process.

Alojamento: For this YE, the participants will be accommodated in Marabu Camp, in 4-6 bed rooms, mixed international, but NOT GENDER. Each room has its own bathroom.

The camp has internet, video projector, conference room, own dining room and a big green yard to enjoy the free time. You should bring your own hygienic products, flip flops, house shoes, including towels. Bed sheets and blankets are provided by Marabu Camp.

Perfil: We wish to have a high dynamic in our group of participants which is why we will have participants coming from urban disadvantaged areas, from rural undeveloped areas, minorities, participants with social fewer opportunities as well as economical obstacles and we are aiming for such a versatile group simply because we believe we need every bit of everything in order to ensure a proper learning process and a rich outcome of our project. After all the best way to learn is one from another so we need to have most of the examples in our groups. Only when we accept all of our differences and we acknowledge them can we actually become one as society and in the end that is the only way to get our society to a civic society level.

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