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Título: TC: Laboratory of Kinesthetic Learning

Duração: 9 dias de 01-07-2017 a 09-07-2017

Idades dos participantes: Dos 18 aos 30 anos

Jovens portugueses: 2

Líderes portugueses: 0

Número total de participantes: 18

Idioma: Inglês

Países participantes: Portugal, Letónia, Estónia, Polónia, República Checa, Espanha, Itália, Eslovénia, Bulgária

Candidatura: Para te poderes candidatar tens de fazer o teu login. Se ainda não estás registado faz o teu registoprimeiro.

Resumo: The project is gathering participants that have already experienced the power of kinesthetic learning by participating in one of three international trainings that the team of trainers have provided during the last 3 years within Erasmus+ (in Poland, Estonia and Slovenia). We see it as a great value to work with the same people on the longer term (within several projects) instead of meeting them just once. This time we can focus the contents more on actual needs of participants that are related to their experiences of applying kinesthetic learning in practice and develop skills of introducing kinesthetic learning in youth work on the deeper level as well as use the potential of group to design and test some tools together.

Objectivos: Re-)connection – through various movement exercises and conversations about so far experiences with using kinesthetic learning with young people – what has been the good practices and what - the challenges. Past experience together will easily bring us to the place where we can help and inspire each other to also identify our learning needs in terms of further development in order to be able to use bodily learning more effectively in the youth work.

The process of creating a dance performance – this process will include workshops, laboratory on such themes as: creativity as a process and life style, not an objective; diversity as a resource or “Ugly is Beautiful”; my identity, self expression, Listening to the body; performing art as a form of social activism. Together we will set the structure for improvised site specific dance performance which will be shared with the local young people, youth workers and others. We will use different specific places in town during the creative process. Let’s be aware that the performance is the process, not the result. In this case – the performance will be only one part of the “whole party”. A learning tool.

Practicing with local youngsters – this is the process of training the skills to design and facilitate concrete kinesthetic learning activities to reach the learning outcomes in one of the 4 competency areas (mentioned during the dance performance). The invited local youngsters will be “a real life audience” but also the support from other participants and trainers will be there. Feedback and recommendations for improvement will be provided for each session.

Documenting the experiences from the training and coming up with concrete ideas on how to share the outcomes with wider audience of youth workers and also how to involve more young people in kinesthetic learning.
Enjoying - this process will be present all 8 days. Besides the laboratory and analyzing work, movement will be present early mornings through the “wake up” sessions where we all will share our ideas about what is the best way to get into the motion and late nights through the JAM sessions where free dancing together will allow us to continue our self reflection through movement, to build the trust towards ourselves and others, to sharpen the awareness towards myself with others.

What next? After the training every participant will be invited and asked to do some follow-up activity in own country regarding the topic, document it and share the methods and experience. It will be used to prepare a manual for other youth workers.

Alojamento: - 13 people are staying in HOTEL “BENEVILLA” (2-3 per room). We will be the very first guests in this
place as it is still in the creation process;

- 9 people are staying in GUEST HOUSE “IERULLĒ” (4-5 per room);

- 5 people are staying in HOLIDAY APARTMENT;
All the basics (sheets, towels, bathroom, beds ) are included.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner (with few exceptions) will be held in HOTEL “BENEVILLA”.
Some special needs regarding food please express in application form.
Coffee breakes will be organized in the place of each workshop.

Participant should be in Riga on 1st May (hopefully until 4 p.m.). We as organizers will pick up the participants
and bring to Alūksne. It takes around 3 hours to get to Alūksne.

Material Necessário: We will move and express ourselves in various
spots depending on weather etc.
The safe place will be Alūksne Cultural centre but
there is a lot of green space around.
All of these places are located in the centre of Alūksne town, almost on the same street so it will take
just few minutes for you to reach each other, food and workshops.

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