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Título: YE: Sustainable Development Goals: Make them Happen

Tema: Inclusion- Equality, Environment and Climate Change and International cooperation, international relations, development cooperation

Duração: 14 dias de 03-07-2018 a 16-07-2018

Idades dos participantes: Dos 18 aos 22 anos

Jovens portugueses: 6

Líderes portugueses: 1

Número total de participantes: 42

Idioma: Inglês

Países participantes: Portugal, Espanha, Estónia, Grécia, Roménia, Bulgária

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Resumo: The main idea of the project is to stimulate the dialogue between youngsters from different countries about the challenge of SDG's and make them deeply envolved in concrete actions to the achievement of the Goals, in order to contribute to the future we want for us and for future generations.

Objectivos: The general objectives of the project are:
* To "Improve the level of key competences and skills of young people, including those with fewer opportunities"
* "To promote active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity"
* To "foster quality improvements in youth work, in particular through enhanced cooperation between organisations in the youth field and/or other stakeholders;
* To "enhance the international dimension of youth activities and enhance the capacity of youth workers and organisations in their support for young people in complementarity with the European Union's external action".

Descrição: The Youth Exchange “Sustainable Development Goals: Make them Happen” wants to introduce the subject of Sustainable Development to young people and make them think and act about SDG's, in order to make them happen. Each group will be composed by seven youngsters (between 18 to 22 years old) and one leader. The Portuguese group will have 2 leaders. In total there will be 46 participants.
During this time, the young people will take part in several activities of non-formal learning linked to the Sustainable Development Goals, in which we want to explore each of the 17 goals and the question of sustainability in all it's areas. There will be activities like work groups, ateliers, sport activities, cultural visits, volunteering actions and a street action, regarding the Goals (eg. Poverty, Health, Education, Equality and Inclusion, Envirorment, etc). The young people will have the chance to know the local community and to have contact with the Portuguese culture and habits and share at the same time their own culture with the other members of the group.
In the end of the youth exchange we hope that the young people become more aware of their role in the society and about the importance of Intercultural Dialogue to reach one more sustainable World from all to all. We also hope that this can be the beginning of several individual and group projects in each participant home town in order to contribute to the achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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