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Título: YE: ARTIVISTES: Together against Racism and Discrimination

Duração: 10 dias de 22-07-2017 a 31-07-2017

Idades dos participantes: Dos 18 aos 30 anos

Jovens portugueses: 5

Líderes portugueses: 1

Número total de participantes: 12

Idioma: Inglês

Países participantes: Portugal, Grécia

Candidatura: Para te poderes candidatar tens de fazer o teu login. Se ainda não estás registado faz o teu registoprimeiro.

Resumo: Art is probably the most powerful tool of expression. No matter who you are, where you come from, your background or education: art touches everyone’s heart. Art brings people together: it unites. It crosses the boundaries of language since everyone can express oneself and join in an artistic conversation. At the same time art is unique. It shows a wide range of polychromatic variation. One knows a nation, a group, a person, by their artistic styles and preferences. Art is closely interwoven with one’s history, culture and traditions. That makes it so powerful and sharp. It gives tongue to the differences; struggles; sensitivities; conflicts; and pain there are among people.
The idea is to create a sharing space, where the participants will have the opportunity to come and work together using street arts (circus, street dances) and related arts, such as music, or street theatre. They will use their diversity and differences to create a common result, which they will present to the public of Kalamata, proving that we can all be United in Diversity and spreading a strong message against Racism and Discrimination.

Objectivos: We will use street arts (circus, street dances) and related arts, such as music, or street theatre as a tool to achieve our objectives which are: - Promote active participation - Support the participants in finding new ways of expressing themselves - Raise awareness on the role that art can play as a tool towards social inclusion, solidarity and intercultural dialogue - Promote the significance and beauty of diversity within the EU - Support the participants to improve their communication, interpersonal, social and artistic skills - Introduce young people to non-formal learning methods and tools - To exchange knowledge and skills in music –and not only- and to learn how to work and collaborate together - Create a final result, using the specificities and culture of all participants involved

Perfil: We need participants with experience in street arts and especially street dance and circus arts or something related as well as youth with fewer opportunities (ideally combining the groups in order to achieve peer learning outcomes and motivation for youth with fewer opportunities) All participants need to be willing to share their skills, learn new things, and work together for the creation of a common result.
As we want our partners to be involved in these Youth Exchanges as much as possible, ideally Youth leaders should have experience in related arts and/or non-formal education and be able to lead a workshop about them.

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